about the logo

In undergrad I saw a crow (see crow) choking on a worm (see wormy, pink triangle) and for some reason it stuck with me. Probably because when I saw it I was headed to the Lewis & Clark College library to write a due-same-day paper I hadn’t even touched yet. Needless to say, my prospects were bleak—crow, you’re not the only one. But your pain is visible, no one can see my suffering. You’ve got it good crow, you’ve got it real good, etc. etc.

Solidarity with a bird combined with the fact I didn’t even know birds could choke, combined with our mutual love of food and especially the fact that that was the closest I’ve ever come to performing the Heimlich (in a serious way) on anyone has apparently culminated in something that represents me and everything I do for always and ever. That moment, this logo, don’t worry, the crow didn’t die.

The watermelon is there because it’s funny. Is it a small watermelon? Is it a humongous crow? Do I even like watermelon? —(yes…?)— These are the deep, meaningful questions I want to inspire.

The pink triangles are there because they’re #trending I think.